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Small Commercial Vehicles - TATA Ace
Tata Motors is India's only full range manufacturer of automobiles with a portfolio covering:

                   - Trucks, Buses, Utility vehicles and Passenger Cars.

It has the distinction of being the fifth largest medium and heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world, with a significant presence in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. Tata Motors has a manufacturing base in Bangladesh and a bus body plant in Senegal.

Tata Motors offers the most comprehensive range of commercial, passenger and multi-utility vehicles. Over 150 models - from 2 tonne LCVs to 40 tonne tractor-trailers and buses that can seat 13 to as many as 67 people - provide a wide variety of transport solutions. Through the synthesis of inherent competencies with state-of-the-art systems, processes and technology, Tata Motors has continuously evolved, adding value to its products, and is now heading towards being a global player.

The goal is not just to better its product portfolio, but also to keep expanding it, emerging as a commercial vehicle manufacturer with a complete and comprehensive product range. The acquisition of the Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Co., South Korea in March 2004 was an important step in that direction - a logical extension of the product portfolio for Tata Motors. The hugely successful launch of the fully-built coaches and branded buses (under the 'Globus' and 'Starbus' brand names, respectively) March 2005, was an extension of the product portfolio to plug a significant gap in the market.

Recognizing a gap in the market for small commercial vehicles, Tata Motors worked towards an innovative solution. In an era where there is a need is to transport goods speedily, conveniently and in a cost effective manner, while providing comfort, style and easy maintenance, Tata Motors has developed the Tata Ace - India's first mini-truck.

Ideal for short, narrow village roads as well as long highway hauls, for small bulky loads and large heavy ones, the Ace is an innovative 4-wheeler offering for the first time in this category. The small exterior belies the power-packed technologically-superior engine which gives the Ace high power and high loading capacity.

A new revolution in transport, which is set to change the competitive landscape of the small commercial vehicle segment. Tata Ace - the small, big machine.