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TATA ACE - Presenting India's first mini-truck
Big on Versatility

The ACE can be conveniently used in cities as well as in rural areas.  12" tyres for the first time in its class give higher ground clearance and higher loading capacity - resulting in better performance on and off the road.  The truck-like strength of the front and rear leaf spring suspension coupled with the shock absorbers provide a smooth ride and great driving comfort. 

The rigid front axle is designed specially to weather Indian conditions.  With a small turning circle of 8.6m. the ACE can be safely and easily navigated, both in narrow village and streets and in dense city traffic

Big on Performance

The 700 cc engine delivers a power of 16hp @ 3200 rpm and a torque of 3.8mkg  @ 2000 rpm.  It is also eco-friendly and meets BS II  and BS III standards.  The water-cooled, twin-cylinder IDI engine has an overhead cam shaft, temperature sensitive cooling-system and rotary fuel injection pump, which together give high fuel efficiency and low maintenance operation. 

This also translates to longer life and lesser downtime.  With the lowest loading  height of 675 mm heavy loads can be conveniently placed in the load body. The 4-forward synchromesh + 1 reverse gear box gives smooth gear shifting.

Big on Comfort

Several big and small features have been added to ensure comfort for the occupants, even on long rides.

The fully-built sheet metal cab with doors, roof lining, floor mat for heat insulation and trims protect the occupants from rain, heat and cold. 

The Ventilation ducts, winding doors glass and rear windows ensure good ventilation and continuous air flow at leg and face level.

Seat with soft cushion and back support ensure complete driving comfort.

Big on Safety
Designed and manufactured using high strength steel, the ACE meets all Indian Safety norms - a novel feature in this class of vehicles.  The ACE meets norms for frontal crash, roof crush, and rear wall strength - assuring the utmost safety of the driver and the co-driver.  Seat belts are also provided for both occupants.

High braking performance is given through front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. Driving visibility is excellent through the large windscreen, window glasses, larg eoverhead rear-
view  mirror and the large rear window.  Large sized, round headlamps with bright halogen bulbs provide excellent lighting for nigh driving.  Reversing is made easy and safer with the help of a 2-box tail lamp with in built reflector and the bright reverse lamp at the rear
Big on Styling

Fully built sheet metal cab for comfort and protection.

Styling like sun visor, adjustable, elegant sheets, ventilation arrangement and car like interiors offer a unique experience.

Big on Savings

The performance of the engine as well as the comfortable conditions for the driver allow the ACE to travel over 500 kms in a day.

Low operating costs and the versatility offered through features like its flat, large loading area and small turning radius, give a fantastic opportunity to earn higher business revenue and higher profits everyday.

All this, along with big Tata reliablility make the ACE the best business partner for one and all.

Drive small . Think big.

The ACE is a small vehicle that opens up big opportunities.  You can now pursue plans never thought possible before -  starting a new business on expanding an existing one, transporting from city to city or deep into rural areas.

Get the big ACE advantage.  Make a small decision

The ACE is available with an unbeatable 36,000 kms / 12 month warranty, " Sampoorna Seva " the annual maintenance contract, a wide service network with a sales /  service point within 100 kms and a 24 hour customer assistance center