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Light Commercial Vehicles - TL 4x4

Discover the perfect blend of utility and aesthetics in the 4x4 pickup. Feel the raw power as you enjoy its sheer elegance. Drive over the toughest of terrains with the heaviest of loads. And watch your business take the smooth road to success. Tata TL 4x4 comes to india after proving its grand success in South Africa, Turkey, Saudi Arebia and the South East.

The Tata TL 4x4 PICKUP is here. Are you man enough to truck?

It is the perfect blend of utility and aesthetics. It combines raw power with sheer elegance. It carries heavy loads while negotiating the toughest of terrains.

After proving its metal in South Africa, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, the Tata TL 4x4 pick up is here.

It’s a wild workhorse. Are you ready for it?

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. Are you ready to lead?

It gives you the pickup to keep you ahead of the rest. An electronic gear-shift to take you past any obstacle. A hydraulic suspension that can handle the odds. Power-steering to tackle the smallest of bends.

The Tata TL 4x4 strikes the right balance between power and functionality. Thus making it the ideal utility vehicle. Its generous pickup area provides Euro pallet capacity of 1.28 tons. To carry whatever you need, wherever you want.

It’s the will to go forward that matters. Drive ahead.

Are you ready to take your business places?

The Tata 4x4 has been built with a single purpose – to help you get the job done. Whether you’re a photographer answering the call of the wild or an adventurer listing to your heart. Whether you’re an art trader or an antique dealer, a garment exporter or a fashion designer. In fact whatever your line of business. You’ll find the Tata TL 4 4 as the perfect vehicle to carry your equipment, articles, and anything else you may require.

Who says you can’t mix business with adventure?

1948cc Turbo-charged engine. Are you ready to tap the toughness in soul?

From wherever you are to wherever you go, with Tata 4 4,s engine there is no mountain too big or a path too rugged.980

  • The Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) Valve (fitted in BS III vehicles) reduces harmfull exhaust emission
  • Viscous Fan optimizes engine cooling; plus fuel economy and low engine noise
  • Turbo Charger with Intercooler increases the power of the engine by improving volumetric efficiency
  • Catalytic Converter (a standard part of BS III) treats the exhaust gases to decreses pollutants
  • Flat Torque curve enables better Tractive Force for all operating ranges for better drivability

With power of 92PS @ 4300rpm, torque of 190Nm @ 2000-3000rpm, GVM of 2.78 tons and a Power/Weight ratio of 33, which is very high in its class, this 4 4 surely needs a tough man to handle it.

Explore, Dream, Discover. Challenge the depth of convictions.

Are you ready to encounter the unexplored?

With the Tata TL 4x4, all the required preparation is a will to explore. Because rest is taken cre of by the safety features in your vehicle for an adventure trip that is also safe and tension-free.

• Limited Slip Differential for better grip on slippery surface
• Front Disc Rear Drum combination for high braking performance and safety.
   Plus vacuum pump for low pedal fore along with high retardation
• 3 point ELR seat belts for both Front and Rear seat (2 point for centre seat) along with
   a buzzer to remind use of seat belts
• Engine immobilizer with a keyless entry
• Fire-resistant upholstery
• Strong metallic front bumper
• Wipers with spoiler blade to work even in windy storms

You’ve got what it takes. Go conquer.